Think Twice About Your Frustrations

Feeling Frustrated Today?

Sometimes life is like trying to untie a tightly knotted shoelace. Have you ever thought sometimes life is like waiting for an elevator that doesn’t want to show up to bring you to the next floor? Hey, sometimes it’s like taking the milk container out of the refrigerator only to find out there’s no milk in it. Did you ever try to find your glasses without your glasses? These minor setbacks are called “frustrations.”

Frustrations come in all shapes and sizes. They include waiting, let downs, setbacks and empty promises. But perhaps the worst kind of frustrations we experience are when we let ourselves down. You set a high standard for yourself, a goal you really have to stretch for to reach, and then, boom; it doesn’t happen.

Frustrare is the Latin root for frustrate which simply means “in vain.” Something done in vain is something that has no value. Now think about it. If something has no value, should I really let it frustrate me? There are so many serious things in life which certainly require my energies, thoughts and considerations. So it doesn’t make sense to agonize over things that really are just vain or empty.

Some helps to handle frustrations
1. Prioritize the really important things.
2. Ask yourself is this let down is really worth the agonizing.
3. Weigh the value of what is frustrating you.
4. Try to find the “character development” in the so called setback.

This Week’s Quote
“Life is like a mountain climb; the higher the climb, the wider the view. Don’t give up.”

Share a time below when frustration got to you.

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One Response to Think Twice About Your Frustrations

  1. Betty Geary says:

    Pastor Dave, I cant tell you how often I think and pray for you. I am blessed to be doing God’s work in the city, but I still miss my old home and friend. I have a rare illness and complicated with diabeties, I got so tired of the medical merry go round that I needed strength to go on. I am done with my meltdown and togehter the Lord and I are going to master this. I am studying my illness and working hard at doing it myself. But I know the great physician and together I cant go wrong. So much I want to say, but only thank you comes out, so thank you. I love you.
    Betty Geary

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