Think Twice About Being Consistent

“Steady As She Goes”

“Steady as she goes” is a common nautical statement to keep the ship straight and moving. That’s the way to get to the destination. She ship encounters all kinds of situations on her journey. She battles winds, navigates currents, avoids obstacles and is dedicated to reach port.

Isn’t that much like our own lives? We all encounter various situations in this life. We too have to battle opposing forces (winds), navigate rough waters and avoid those destructive obstacles that hinder our journey. And like the ship’s captain, I hope you are dedicated to reach your port. I hope you know where your life is going because that is the port you are heading for.

So how do we ensure we will arrive safely or arrive at all? We must be “steady as she goes.” In other words we need to be consistent. Whatever port you are heading for, you must be consistent if you are going to reach it.

Whether it is an education, better health, learning a musical instrument or a promotion at work, consistency will get you there faster. Let’s listen in as we see how important consistency in good character is.

A man in a rural county down south was campaigning for a seat in the Senate. One rainy, miserable evening there was a knock on the door. A man he didn’t know stood outside, soaking wet. “I need help,” the man said. “My car is stalled down the road. Would you help me?”
“Sure,” said the candidate. When they reached the car, the owner got in and turned the key. The car started up immediately.
“I don’t understand,” said the would-be senator. “There was nothing wrong with your car.”
The other man smiled. “I know. I also know that this state needs a good man up there in Washington,” he explained. “I just wanted to know if you were the kind of man I could vote for. Now I know. You’ve got my vote.”
Moral of the story.
Steady as she goes in every aspect of life will get you to your destination.

Some helps to be consistent.
1.  Remember your goal(s) in life.
2. Be aware of the winds, currents and obstacles that hinder your journey.
3. Develop good habits that turn into a lifestyle.
4. Overcome your feelings with determination.

This Week’s Quote
“Consistency beats the occasional every time.”

Share an insight below where being consistent brought a benefit.

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Next Time: “Think Twice About Being Envious.”

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