Think Twice About Your Dreams

“You Want To Do What!”

Dreams can be good and dreams can be “not so good.” Dreams are not so good when they remain just a wish, a desire or a hope. Dreams are good when they are the spark to a great fire that burns within your soul. That fire then ignites your whole life and you find yourself pursuing the idea that the dream brought you.

Some of the greatest inventors were called “Dreamers.” Isn’t that where an idea starts? Christopher Columbus was a dreamer. Thomas Edison was a dreamer. Leonardo Da Vinci was certainly a dreamer. Would you say the early pilgrims and the framers of the Constitution were dreamers?

Men become great men and women become great women, not because they dream but because they act on their dreams. From the smallest dream of a post-it note to putting a man on the moon and everything in between, the world becomes a better place because of dreamers who put their dreams into action.

What have you been dreaming of lately? Is it farfetched? Impossible? Ridiculous? Hey, the more people tell you it is a fantasy, the more drive you should have to make that dream become a reality. And even if it doesn’t pan out, you are a better person for trying. Three trips to the new world and a thousand light bulbs later allowed these dreamers to make the world a better place.

Some Helps To Make Your Dream A Reality
1. Don’t be afraid to dream BIG.
2. When you dream, write it down as quickly as you can.
3. Tell only the encouragers about your dream.
4. Plan quickly but work slowly.
5. Remember, it’s your dream. Only you can make it happen.

Today’s Quote
“Some people dream of worthy accomplishments, while others stay awake and do them.”

Share an insight below telling a dream you have that you would love to see become a reality.

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Next Time: “Think Twice About What You’re Hiding Behind.”


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