Think Twice About Your Troubles

“What’s Bothering You Now?”

Would you agree that the things that bother you, bother you? Because troubles are real and a definite part of this life, it would do us well to think twice about our troubles when they come; even before they come.

We give many forms to our troubles. Sometimes they come in like a storm, so we must remember where the safe port is. In the midst of a trouble it feels like someone turned up the heat. Remember that where there is heat, there is expansion. Perhaps the best thing to remember is that trouble comes and when it does, its job is to bring out what is inside of you.

When you think about your troubles, remember that the value of the trouble is how you come out of it, not so much what is happening in the midst of it. The sailors don’t laugh during the storm at sea, but they have plenty of stories when the storm is past.

The words of William Arthur Ward would serve us well here: “Great men rise above adversity and attain new heights of achievement by turning tribulation into triumphs, failures into fortunes, setbacks into successes, obstacles into opportunities and burdens into blessings. They refused to be hampered by handicaps, dismayed by discouragements, overcome by opponents, defeated by disappointments, or destroyed by disasters.”

Some Helps To Deal With Your Troubles
1. Prepare your mind. Trouble is part of this life.
2. See your troubles as an examination of your character.
3. Things will turn out best when you make the best of the way things turn out.
4. Troubles? God is greater!

Today’s Quote “Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors.”                                                                    African Proverb

Share an insight below about how you handled a particular trouble.

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Next Time: “Think Twice About Your Personal Development.”

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