Think Twice About Your Personal Development

“Hey, You’re Looking Good!”

The word “development” can have many uses. It can refer to a housing project, film, muscles, even an idea. As varied as these uses are, they share one thing in common: they all speak of a step by step process. Take this thought today and think twice about your “personal development.”

Let’s take our images above again. What would a housing project look like if the step by step process wasn’t finished? It would look like just vacant land, with perhaps a few piles of lumber spread around, but very dismal because it never attained the intended goal. It offers no hope to people.

Film that stays in the camera offers no benefit at all. It is not at the place where it is preserving any memories. It hasn’t been developed. I should know, I have four rolls of film I took before the digital camera came out.  I wonder if I can even get them developed.

A body remains weak and tires easily where the muscles are not developed and brought to the potential for which they were created.

Finally, some of the best ideas remain just that, ideas, because they never entered the development stage. Oh, how the world is missing out.

Now, let’s talk about you, the reader. Are you in a step by step process to bring you to your potential in life? Your life is a gift and the intention is that, on your journey through life, you would make personal development a priority. Your personal development will affect everything else in your life. If you have a plan, great. Stay with it. If not, it’s not too late.

Some Helps To Your Personal Development
1. Set apart some time, consistently, to visit other worlds – read.
2. Isolate a known point of weakness and begin to improve that area.
3. Remember that your life is to be a “living sacrifice.”
4. Study Bible characters and learn from them.
5. Major in your strong points.

Today’s Quote “Require more of yourself and you will require less of others.”

Share an insight below about your personal development plan.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts in the comment box below.

Next Time: “Think Twice About Freedom.”

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2 Responses to Think Twice About Your Personal Development

  1. Kathy Gonzalez says:

    Many times I know what is in my heart,and what I Like to do is share the word of God. In this I need to learn and study Bible Characters and even grow more in the word, I know what my weakness are,and what I’m stronger in. I Love to give a helping hand to people who need help,Some times i need to control my words.I think I do Better in Groups, meaning around the same people that share the same interest.One time i went into a Hospital where my mom was and just went around talking and handed out some little gift packets to thank all the staff who are in there taking care of all the needy people. To me thats just a small start. Even at times i think, What am I good at, Where would I like be, and how would my family support me in it.I know one thing I use to be shy, and little by little I’m improving in that. My weakness sometimes is to have more confidence in myself , right along with other stuff I have to learn to Improve.. Thank You Pastor For This Blog. You do Share Some Good insight.

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