Think Twice About God

Is He Taboo or For You?

There are many hot topics that people find themselves engaged in, but perhaps the oldest of the hot topics is GOD. Today, I want you to think twice about God, but not in relation to His existence.  I put myself in the category of an honest- thinking person, therefore the existence of God is already a settled issue. So let’s think for a minute about the presence of God.

Look at the nations of the world. Do you see a distinction in those who hail the existence of Jesus Christ? At least they began that way. I see hospitals, schools and charitable organizations of all kinds. But I see them lacking in places where there is no Christ.

Where does love come from? Did it evolve, beginning with the sands of the sea and then found itself in the first ameba? Does an ameba love? What if love exists because God exists? God is love and we love because He loves us.

Consider your own life. Have there been times of worry, anxiety or fear? What did that do to you?  Did you have a way to cope? What was your hope in? How did it work out for you? One man said, “A man’s concept of God creates his attitude toward the hour in which he lives.” (G. Campbell Morgan).

As God is removed from our culture, do you see a downward spiral in the quality of life for Americans? Oh, I don’t mean the ability to buy the things they want, but the ability to have hope, joy and confidence in the future. A relationship with God, and only a relationship with God, can instill that which a person needs to live a fulfilled life.

Finally, the best thing to do if you do not know God is to talk to someone who does. I mean, they know Him through His Word and their faith is their surety in life. Ask them the difference it has made in their life and then, think twice if it would make a difference in yours.

Some Helps To Discover God For Yourself
1. Look at the creation. It is perfectly balanced and divinely designed.
2. Ask yourself if there is a purpose to life and if so, what is it?
3. Inquire about the most important subject in life.
4. Ask yourself why there is such an attack and God and His Christ today?
5. Truly desire to know and He will reveal Himself to you.

Today’s Quote
“The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction.”       King Solomon  

Share an insight below about your faith or lack of.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts in the comment box below.

Next Time: “Think Twice About Heaven”


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2 Responses to Think Twice About God

  1. Sheila C. says:

    Love this! Sharing!

  2. Betty Geary says:

    Hi, I don’t mean to make any one sad, but I grew up pretty much on my own . My mother was hospitalized when I was pretty young, from two yrs.and passed
    passed away when I was 12, I grew up in a family that pretty much left me to myself. Had some messed up issues.The one blessing my Mom taught me very young was to talk to God. She gave me a statue of him and I used to dress him and play with him and take him to bed and made him my friend, you could say we grew up together.She was very wise, she knew the kind of people my dads family was. So I wasn’t really pretty much alone just absent of people,they just did their duty, food and clothes, love was absent, mostly, had no siblings, only a brother who also passed away, it was a sad childhood.never the less that was my first experience of God was as my one and only friend. We would talk for hours.I was so innocent. Through my life he has protected me from many things. I still have that statue.So to me he was always there when no one else was.I can still sense his presence, most of the time.He later saved me from drug addiction.Now as an adult I truly know him as savior and he has giving me a heart for the broken hearted like I was.God never wasted anything.She left me the greatest gift of all !!!.knowing God.Blessings. Thank you so much MOM!!!!! We still have talks,,,,,,,,about a lot of things,it has become my habit of many years,I am very blessed.I may be a little rough around the edges, I raised myself more or less with Gods help, but God raised me, too.When I fear, I just call out to Jesus, as I suffer from PTSD, and i know he is right there,because even at my lowest he is there,he is gentle even in discipline,he is my Lord.thank you for sharing with me..As of today my only family is my husband.I have no family.except my church family,blessings and love thank you.

    thanks MOM.

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