Think Twice About Heaven

Have you thought about this much lately?


Here is something people rarely consider – Heaven. How about you? Have you thought much about Heaven? Do you see it as something important? Is it a reality for you?

I believe Heaven is not only a reality, but an important reality. You see, it’s that which adds hope to life. If you have nothing good to look forward to, what hope do you have in this life? Too many people today live without hope. They may have no job, little money or poor health. They may be alone in this world, even think they have no value. But there is something that changes all that.

When you think of Heaven you realize that all that is in this life is temporal. It is a mere “.” on the time line of existence. Existence is just that; a continuation of life into eternity. Someone once asked, “If there is no Heaven, then what is God for?”

On a clear night look up at the sky. Take in its panoramic beauty. The bright and shiny stars all placed in their perfect position. It’s a beautiful picture isn’t it? Now imagine how beautiful it must be on the other side.

God gives us a glimpse of His Heaven that waits for us. It is a place of no more sorrows and no more tears. There is no pain there, neither is there any night, for Jesus, Himself is the light. This is a place worth thinking about; especially when you’re feeling a little down. It will surely lift you up.

Cliff Barrows and Billy Graham were talking about Heaven. Cliff said to Billy, I’ll have a job when I get to Heaven but what will you do?           (Think about it!)

Some Helps To Get You To Heaven
1. Know that God wants all people to get to Heaven.
2. Jesus died for mankind to enable them to get to Heaven.
3. His sacrifice paid our debt and made us acceptable to God.
4. Believe who Jesus is and what He has done and Heaven belongs to you.

Today’s Quote
“God so loved the world that he sent His only begotten Son that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life.” John the Apostle

Share an insight below about your perspective towards Heaven.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts in the comment box below.

Next Time: “Think Twice About Ingratitude.”


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One Response to Think Twice About Heaven

  1. Betty Geary says:

    Greetings, ever since I was a kid I have always and still do lay on my back and look at the sky, I am in awe at it’s vastness. It just goes on and on and all around and even more so than I can see, also the denseness, so deep into the cosmos.Just goes on forever, Where ever forever is. Then I think of the hands that made it, what an awesome “mind” if I may use the term , the brilliance of it all, the colors the balance,all in orderly fashion, all serving a purpose I know nothing about. But the fact that the creator knows me personally just blows me away. That whole creation and he knows ME! He made me, He hears me when I call, he loves me. and one day far above it all, I will reign with him. Just the thought of all of that is far beyond what I can even imagine. But I know one day I will understand it all. One day I am going home to be with Jesus.Heaven is my home. I think of heaven a lot, there is a little spot in me that is home sick for heaven. One day I am going home.

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