Think Twice About Your Ingratitude

What’s Eating You?

There is something, a parasite that can eat a person from the inside. No, it’s not some worm you may have contracted in a third world nation. Actually, it is something much worse. And yet, unlike the parasite from a foreign land, this one can be treated successfully; and not even by a doctor but by yourself.

The state of being ungrateful is to live in a very dangerous place. Ingratitude is a devourer of the soul. It narrows your eyes and blinds you to the good that is all around you. It creates a state of amnesia, causing you to forget the good things that have been done for you. It limits your imagination so you never think of doing good things for others. It binds you and keeps you from being free in life.

And yet, gratitude is something we all need to give and receive. When you give it something happens inside of you. You come alive and realize how blessed you are that someone has done something nice for you. When you receive it you are motivated to do nice things for others. So the next time you feel yourself being eaten up on the inside, think twice about gratitude both on the giving and receiving end.

Some Helps To Being Grateful
1. Take some time and think about the people in your life who bless you.
2. Intentionally express your appreciation to them.
3. Look for opportunities to do nice things for others.
4. Receive their gratitude and see your value as a person.
5. If gratitude does not come back to you, keep doing nice things anyway. It’s good for the soul.

Today’s Quote
“There are many things to be grateful for if we just stop and look.”

Share an insight below about your appreciation for people and life.

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Next Time: “Think Twice About Joy.”

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