Think Twice About Knowledge

What do you know?

How much do you know? “Know about what?” you say? I say, “Know about the important things.” Sure, we need people who know about mechanics, medicine, construction, travel and many other things. This is the knowledge that makes the world go round.

We need people who know math, science, biology and economics. We need people who understand law, government and international relations. But the question today is, “How much do ‘you’ know.”

You probably know a lot about what you do for a career. But how much do you really know about why you do it? Knowing what to do is good but knowing why you do it is also important. Knowing why you do something adds value to what you do. If you do not know why you do what you do, you will lose interest in doing it.

Now, let’s get to the most important question. How much do you know about life? Do you know how important your life is? How there is only one of you and that makes you special? And if you have life, you have a purpose. That purpose brings two outcomes; one present and one future. The present outcome is fulfillment in this life. Fulfillment is what everyone is looking for but not everyone finds it. They are on a never-ending search for it. A wise man once said; “How much better it is to get wisdom than gold! And to get understanding is to be chosen above silver.”

The future outcome is rewards in eternity. But not all people will receive future, eternal rewards. Going back to the present, it is those who understand why they have been given the gift of life, then they discover and live in their purpose. The basic purpose for every person is to know God and make Him known. This simply means to have a personal relationship with Him and tell others the same.

Yes, you can know a lot about this life but eventually, this life ends and everything with it. But the eternal state is forever. I am grateful for all those people who know the important things that make this world go round and help us, members of humanity, to be healthy and prosper. Perhaps it’s time to Think Twice about the true knowledge; the true knowledge that gives you security in eternity.

Some Helps To Gaining True Knowledge
1. Realize there is much knowledge to be gotten.
2. Seek the knowledge that takes you beyond this life.
3. Realize that you are not here by chance or coincidence.
4. Get knowledge and then add more knowledge to it.
5. Look beyond this life with an open heart and an open mind.

Today’s Quote
“The beginning of wisdom is, acquire wisdom. And with all your acquiring, get understanding.” Solomon

Share an insight below concerning the knowledge about life you have learned.

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Next Time: “Think Twice About Leadership.”

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