Think Twice About Leadership

Are You An Influencer? Yes.

Where would we be without leadership, good leadership? Leadership brings people to where you want them to be, and helps people to get to where they need to be. Influence defines leadership. Think of it. The arena you influence people is the place where you are a leader. The home, workplace, church or even a group of friends provide the opportunity to demonstrate leadership. A father or mother is a leader. A boss or supervisor is a leader. The dominant personality in a group of friends is a leader.

We know there are good leaders and bad leaders. It is important to remember that a good leader leads people to where it is good for the whole. A bad leader leads people to where it is good for the leader but bad for the whole. This should make you “think twice” about the leadership of our own country. Evaluate where the leaders are leading and what is good for the whole of the citizens.

Before you evaluate your own leadership or lack of leadership style, check out what others have said about leadership.

“A leader must see the vision, state the mission and set the tone.”                                                                                     David Rockefeller
:Anyone who influences others is a leader.”                                                                                                                                  Chuck Swindoll
“A leader is an average, everyday person who is highly motivated.”                                                                                    Theodore Roosevelt “
“Leadership is calculated risk taking.”
Ted Ward
“I use not only my own brains but also all I can borrow.”
Woodrow Willson
“The boss says, ‘Go’; the leader says, ‘Let’s go.’”
H. Gordon Selfridge

 Some Helps To Being A Good Leader
1. Have a vision for where you are going.
2. Communicate that vision to those you want to follow.
3. Choose the right people.
4. Enlist people to help get there and release them to do it.
5. See your goal as a benefit to others.
6. Leadership is developing others to become leaders.

Today’s Quote “See everything; overlook a lot; deal with a little.”                                                 Pope John XXIII

Share an insight below about how good leadership has inspired you.

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Next Time: “Think Twice About Ministry.”

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