Think Twice About Ministry

Are You Doing Anything?

You’re probably thinking, “That’s a dumb question. Of course I’m doing something, maybe even too many somethings.” I think we would agree that living in our day and age we are doing too many things. But it is not busyness that makes a full life. It is not the amount of what we do but the quality of what we do that matters. Maybe it’s time to Think Twice about how we use our time with things that keep us busy.

Ministry is different from being busy. The word itself means to minister or to serve another. You can already begin to see the benefits from doing ministry than in being busy. It is much more gratifying to serve someone else than it is to just be busy doing things. Even if those things are for someone else. It has to do with attitude.

You can wash dishes and call it being busy or you can wash dishes as a ministry in helping someone, even if it’s your own family. When you are serving you are ministering. In that case the reward is greater.

Look at the things that you do that keep you busy. Are they enjoyable? Do they fulfill you? Do you find value in them? Now look at those same things and see them as a service to others. Do you think they would be more enjoyable and fulfilling being a help to others? I think you would.

The next time you find yourself being overwhelmed with busyness, try seeing yourself as a servant, a minister, there to help others. I believe it would make a tremendous difference in the joy you will find in life.

Some Helps To Be A Minister Instead Of Just Busy
1. Change your attitude about serving.
2. See what you are doing as a help to others.
3. Consider the eternal value of the things you do.
4. Walk your dog, don’t hire someone else.

Today’s Quote “For fast-acting relief, try slowing down.”
Lily Tomlin

Share an insight below where serving was better than just being busy.

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Next Time: “Think Twice About Nutrition.”

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