Think Twice About Nutrition

What Goes In Will Come Out

Isn’t that statement above true? Whatever you put inside something, will come out. What you put in your suitcase, when you arrive at your destination and unpack, will come out. What you put in your cupboards, when it’s time to cook a meal, will come out. What you put in the bank, when it’s time to make a withdrawal, will come out.

Nutrition works like that. The things that we put inside of our body that we call food will come out in some way. But today I want to talk about another kind of nutrition. A nutrition for the soul. This is very important because the rule still stands: what goes in will come out.

As our body takes in food, our mind takes in information. We process that information and then circumstances draw on what we put in. Like food, bad food in is bad food out and that makes for a bad meal. So bad information in means bad responses to situations and that makes for a bad life.

When you take in good, positive and truthful information you have good ingredients to work with. But when you take in bad information like gossip, slander, negativity and the like, you’re not gathering the best ingredients for a healthy life.

Like any good chef, be choosy about what you use for ingredients. The chef knows his reputation is at stake and guess what, so is yours. Think twice about what you allow into your mind and remember that what goes in will come out.

Some Helps To Choosing The Best Ingredients
1. Be sure to get your information from truthful sources.
2. Filter out anything immoral or shameful.
3. Stockpile an inventory of positive thoughts and attitudes.
4. Consider the fact that you will be remembered by what you say and do.

Today’s Quote “Whatever a man sows, that will he also reap.”                                                                                                                                                     The Apostle Paul

Share an insight below where you saw what you put in come out in a given situation.

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Next Time: “Think Twice About Opportunity”

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