Think Twice About Opportunity

You Only Go Around Once

What do you think of the saying, “Opportunity only knocks once, so you better answer it”?  I am not sure about the first part but I am convinced of the second part, “you better answer it.” What is an opportunity? The normal or common definition is “a combination of favorable circumstances; a good chance or occasion to advance oneself.”

I want to challenge you today to think out of the box. Acting on favorable conditions is not necessarily the path to greatness. Try this one.

Opportunity is acting on what looks like an impossible situation. Rather than wait for the best, make the best out of what you have. Sometimes a problem is the catalyst for an opportunity. Our greatest inventions were the actions of people responding to life’s problems. Those problems were not ideal situations. Your life situations may not be ideal but they do not have to defeat you.

Maybe it’s time to think twice about how you see opportunity. Rather than waiting for it to come knocking in the midst of favorable conditions, perhaps it is better to see it as Thomas Edison saw it. He said; “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”

Some Helps To Making The Most Out Of An Opportunity
1. Change your view of what opportunity looks like.
2. Don’t wait for only favorable conditions, attack the problem.
3. See an opportunity as just that; an opportunity to draw on your resources.
4. Know the path to greatness is walked by those who head into the storm.

Today’s Quote
“A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds.”
Francis Bacon

Share an insight below where you made your own opportunity.

Next Time: “Think Twice About Peace”

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