Think Twice About Peace

Are You In or Out of the Storm?

What does it mean to have real peace? Does peace mean to be at ease because I am out of the storm, or to be at ease even though I am in the storm? Does the storm disturb peace? For many people it does. Perhaps because of where they get their peace.

Far too many people look out the window of their souls and then decide if they are at peace or not. If something causes them to worry, they forfeit their peace. If something is confusing, they forfeit their peace. If something looks dark and ominous, they forfeit their peace. That’s because they rely on outward circumstances to bring them peace.

If this describes you it’s time to think twice about where you get your peace. Real peace, steadfast peace, is found “in” the soul not outside of the soul. “How does that peace get into the soul?” you say. Peace in the soul is the result of a relationship, a very special relationship; a relationship with God. In that relationship you learn sometimes God calms the storm, and sometimes He lets the storm rage and calms His child.

God is greater than circumstances so His peace reigns over circumstances. Peace is really what most people, if not all people, are looking for. Surprisingly, most peace seekers never find it. But that’s not because it is not available. Peace is God’s gift to those who desire it.

Some Helps to Find and Keep Peace
1. Know that true peace comes from within, not from without.
2. Bring God into your life and He will bring His peace into your life.
3. Strength from Scripture will preserve your peace.
4. Outward trials give you the opportunity to live in God’s peace.

Today’s Quote
“You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in You.           Isaiah 26:3

Share an insight below when you were at peace in a storm.

Next Time: “Think Twice About Quality.”



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