Think Twice About Self-control

Don’t Touch That!

How many times have you heard that statement growing up? “Don’t touch that!” Probably more than you would like to remember. We were often told not to touch or do something because we lacked the maturity and wisdom to decide for ourselves. When we reach adulthood, the command does not become obsolete it just comes from someone else, yourself. That’s self-control.

Sadly, when many folks do reach adulthood, they throw out that warning thinking that is real freedom. They have not yet realized the ability to control oneself is the evidence of wisdom and maturity.

We often think about self-control in the realm of what we eat, watch or spend. I’d like to introduce some other important areas. Let me introduce the three T’s.

Self-control in Thought: I cannot control the thoughts that come into my mind but I can control what I do with them. Will I entertain them or reject them? That should decide on the healthy outcome I can expect.

Self-control in Temper: this is the ability to subject my body, especially mouth, hands and feet to sensible thinking. How many hurtful things are said and done because of the loss of one’s temper?

Self-control with the Tongue: Words are like feathers on a doorstep. Once they are laid there you cannot get them back. Wisdom and maturity is knowing what to say, when to say it and how to say it. This will keep your regrets to a minimum.

There is an authority on the outside that governs our actions. But there is also an authority on the inside that, if allowed to govern your actions, you will discover true freedom. Outside authority is for the immature but inside authority is for the mature. Which one will you abide by?

Some Helps To Master Self-control.
1. Remember that you are responsible for your choices.
2. Expect your choices to bring consequences.
3. Consider the result of what you are going to say or do.
4. Develop your character so your true authority to do what’s right comes from the inside.

Today’s Quote
“Freedom does not come from having no rules. Freedom comes from abiding in the rules.”                                                                                             David P. Therrien

Share an insight below self-control saved you from a dire situation.

Next Time: “Think Twice About Talking.”

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