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Dave Therrien


My name is Dave Therrien and I began this blog to help people make better decisions in their lives. I observed that we have become somewhat of an impulsive species. Would you agree? Could that be you? In our impulsiveness, we often say and act very hastily without considering the outcome of those words or actions.

My blog “Think Twice” addresses the daily decisions we make on the playing field of life. Of all the decisions you have made so far, can you think of how many turned out great and how many turned out, well,  not so great? Join me here every Monday so we can take this journey together and refine our decision making process as we address the issues of everyday life. I will encourage you, challenge you and hopefully, give you a whole new zealousness for life. No more pulling the sheets over your head so you don’t have to face the day.  Oh no, we are going to learn to “think twice,” before acting.

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  1. Daniel Frageorgia says:

    Thanks Pastor Dave for taking the time to do this. Have a blessed New Year.

  2. A New Hope Christian Church member who wishes to follow my senior pastors blog.

  3. Mike Amaral says:

    Hi David,

    I think this Blog is a great idea. Many good people struggle with the basic decision making process, not having anyone to sanity check the decision they are thinking of making.

    Someone with insight and life experience, providing many of these good people with good and/or bad potential outcomes, can prevent a major set back, or a wrong turn that can take years to rebound from, both personally and spiritually. I hope people utilize your blog to tap into your advice based on some your life experiences, both on a personal and spiritual level. Happy New Year! ma

  4. Zita says:

    I would love to get this.

  5. Zita, if you mean you would love to get this principle down, you can. Practice makes perfect. Sometimes it’s good to think about our reactions to certain situations before they happen, then have a response ready.

  6. Zita says:

    What I meant was to be able to buy this as an inspirational book. Ever think of publishing the blog?

  7. Thank you Zita
    I will certainly consider it.

  8. Hi Mike,
    Thanks for your comments. I just realized your comments were there and I had to “approve” it before it got posted. Now you’re all set. Thanks again for your input and I look forward to hearing more.

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