Think Twice About Your Ingratitude

What’s Eating You?

There is something, a parasite that can eat a person from the inside. No, it’s not some worm you may have contracted in a third world nation. Actually, it is something much worse. And yet, unlike the parasite from a foreign land, this one can be treated successfully; and not even by a doctor but by yourself.

The state of being ungrateful is to live in a very dangerous place. Ingratitude is a devourer of the soul. It narrows your eyes and blinds you to the good that is all around you. It creates a state of amnesia, causing you to forget the good things that have been done for you. It limits your imagination so you never think of doing good things for others. It binds you and keeps you from being free in life.

And yet, gratitude is something we all need to give and receive. When you give it something happens inside of you. You come alive and realize how blessed you are that someone has done something nice for you. When you receive it you are motivated to do nice things for others. So the next time you feel yourself being eaten up on the inside, think twice about gratitude both on the giving and receiving end.

Some Helps To Being Grateful
1. Take some time and think about the people in your life who bless you.
2. Intentionally express your appreciation to them.
3. Look for opportunities to do nice things for others.
4. Receive their gratitude and see your value as a person.
5. If gratitude does not come back to you, keep doing nice things anyway. It’s good for the soul.

Today’s Quote
“There are many things to be grateful for if we just stop and look.”

Share an insight below about your appreciation for people and life.

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Next Time: “Think Twice About Joy.”

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Think Twice About Heaven

Have you thought about this much lately?


Here is something people rarely consider – Heaven. How about you? Have you thought much about Heaven? Do you see it as something important? Is it a reality for you?

I believe Heaven is not only a reality, but an important reality. You see, it’s that which adds hope to life. If you have nothing good to look forward to, what hope do you have in this life? Too many people today live without hope. They may have no job, little money or poor health. They may be alone in this world, even think they have no value. But there is something that changes all that.

When you think of Heaven you realize that all that is in this life is temporal. It is a mere “.” on the time line of existence. Existence is just that; a continuation of life into eternity. Someone once asked, “If there is no Heaven, then what is God for?”

On a clear night look up at the sky. Take in its panoramic beauty. The bright and shiny stars all placed in their perfect position. It’s a beautiful picture isn’t it? Now imagine how beautiful it must be on the other side.

God gives us a glimpse of His Heaven that waits for us. It is a place of no more sorrows and no more tears. There is no pain there, neither is there any night, for Jesus, Himself is the light. This is a place worth thinking about; especially when you’re feeling a little down. It will surely lift you up.

Cliff Barrows and Billy Graham were talking about Heaven. Cliff said to Billy, I’ll have a job when I get to Heaven but what will you do?           (Think about it!)

Some Helps To Get You To Heaven
1. Know that God wants all people to get to Heaven.
2. Jesus died for mankind to enable them to get to Heaven.
3. His sacrifice paid our debt and made us acceptable to God.
4. Believe who Jesus is and what He has done and Heaven belongs to you.

Today’s Quote
“God so loved the world that he sent His only begotten Son that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life.” John the Apostle

Share an insight below about your perspective towards Heaven.

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Next Time: “Think Twice About Ingratitude.”


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Think Twice About God

Is He Taboo or For You?

There are many hot topics that people find themselves engaged in, but perhaps the oldest of the hot topics is GOD. Today, I want you to think twice about God, but not in relation to His existence.  I put myself in the category of an honest- thinking person, therefore the existence of God is already a settled issue. So let’s think for a minute about the presence of God.

Look at the nations of the world. Do you see a distinction in those who hail the existence of Jesus Christ? At least they began that way. I see hospitals, schools and charitable organizations of all kinds. But I see them lacking in places where there is no Christ.

Where does love come from? Did it evolve, beginning with the sands of the sea and then found itself in the first ameba? Does an ameba love? What if love exists because God exists? God is love and we love because He loves us.

Consider your own life. Have there been times of worry, anxiety or fear? What did that do to you?  Did you have a way to cope? What was your hope in? How did it work out for you? One man said, “A man’s concept of God creates his attitude toward the hour in which he lives.” (G. Campbell Morgan).

As God is removed from our culture, do you see a downward spiral in the quality of life for Americans? Oh, I don’t mean the ability to buy the things they want, but the ability to have hope, joy and confidence in the future. A relationship with God, and only a relationship with God, can instill that which a person needs to live a fulfilled life.

Finally, the best thing to do if you do not know God is to talk to someone who does. I mean, they know Him through His Word and their faith is their surety in life. Ask them the difference it has made in their life and then, think twice if it would make a difference in yours.

Some Helps To Discover God For Yourself
1. Look at the creation. It is perfectly balanced and divinely designed.
2. Ask yourself if there is a purpose to life and if so, what is it?
3. Inquire about the most important subject in life.
4. Ask yourself why there is such an attack and God and His Christ today?
5. Truly desire to know and He will reveal Himself to you.

Today’s Quote
“The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction.”       King Solomon  

Share an insight below about your faith or lack of.

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Next Time: “Think Twice About Heaven”


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Think Twice About Freedom

“Are You Really Free?”

What does it mean to be free? Does it have to do with money; being free to buy whatever you want? Is it the liberty to travel around our country without hindrance or threat of danger?  Is freedom the right to vote the person you want into political office? I wonder if freedom, real freedom, has more to do with what’s on the inside of a person than what’s going on around him.

Freedom is our friend when we can live life without hindrance to our dreams and goals. But sometimes our freedom becomes our worst enemy when we live an unchecked life with no accountability to anyone or anything. Someone once said, “A man’s worst difficulties begin when he is able to do as he likes.”

I often picture freedom as living on a Ponderosa type field with a fence around the field. I can do anything I want within the confines of the field but if I wander outside the fence, there is danger. I am outside of my security and susceptible to all kinds of threats.

God has made you free through Christ. Inside the fence, His Word, there are joys to be had. But outside the fence, His Word, there is danger all around. In that freedom your thoughts run free from bitterness, anger, revenge, worry and other such things. You are living in a safe place. Who wouldn’t want that? So maybe it’s time to think twice and ask myself, “Am I really free? Am I free from the thoughts that steal my joy and the places that hinder my walk?” You will know when you are free because you will be free indeed.

Some Thoughts To Help You Be Free
1. Freedom is self-control. A lack of self-control degenerates into license.
2. If I cannot say “No” to it, then I am not free.
3. When I live in freedom, I know my limits.
4. Even when free, I have a Master.

Today’s Quote
“Freedom is not the right to do as a person pleases, but the liberty to do as he ought.”

Share an insight below about you use your personal freedom.

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Next Time: “Think Twice About God.”

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Think Twice About Your Personal Development

“Hey, You’re Looking Good!”

The word “development” can have many uses. It can refer to a housing project, film, muscles, even an idea. As varied as these uses are, they share one thing in common: they all speak of a step by step process. Take this thought today and think twice about your “personal development.”

Let’s take our images above again. What would a housing project look like if the step by step process wasn’t finished? It would look like just vacant land, with perhaps a few piles of lumber spread around, but very dismal because it never attained the intended goal. It offers no hope to people.

Film that stays in the camera offers no benefit at all. It is not at the place where it is preserving any memories. It hasn’t been developed. I should know, I have four rolls of film I took before the digital camera came out.  I wonder if I can even get them developed.

A body remains weak and tires easily where the muscles are not developed and brought to the potential for which they were created.

Finally, some of the best ideas remain just that, ideas, because they never entered the development stage. Oh, how the world is missing out.

Now, let’s talk about you, the reader. Are you in a step by step process to bring you to your potential in life? Your life is a gift and the intention is that, on your journey through life, you would make personal development a priority. Your personal development will affect everything else in your life. If you have a plan, great. Stay with it. If not, it’s not too late.

Some Helps To Your Personal Development
1. Set apart some time, consistently, to visit other worlds – read.
2. Isolate a known point of weakness and begin to improve that area.
3. Remember that your life is to be a “living sacrifice.”
4. Study Bible characters and learn from them.
5. Major in your strong points.

Today’s Quote “Require more of yourself and you will require less of others.”

Share an insight below about your personal development plan.

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Next Time: “Think Twice About Freedom.”

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